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Amaven is a unique online system designed to help schools demonstrate the impact of their PE practice and to help children master the fundamental movement skills necessary for to embed a healthy and active life.

We are working nationally and locally to help primary schools evidence the impact of not only the school, but every individual pupil within the school. We have developed a unique approach to this by taking away all the extra work piled on teachers by providing a professional impact report which can be loaded up to the school’s website or emailed to parents, governors and shown to Ofsted inspectors.

Amaven has partnered with CAPH to offer Cornish schools a free trial of Amaven. The schools will work with Amaven health mentors to run one PE assessment day per term. The PE assessment days involve children participating in a variety of activities to assess their over fitness. They will also answer questionnaires on health and emotional health to create a holistic profile of each pupil.

Teachers will be provided with training by Amaven health mentors on the assessment day, which will show them how to deliver the PE lesson plans, access PE homework on the system and generate progress reports.  Schools will also receive CPD training which highlights the numerous benefits of athletic development. 

The Childhood Obesity Strategy places a huge emphasis on pupils participating in 60 minutes of physical activity every day, 30 minutes in school and 30 minutes at home supported by parents and carers, Amaven is the only online solution available to schools to provide PE homework through personalised exercise programmes. Every child will receive personalised PE homework based on their assessment results. By taking a personalised approach we can encourage every pupil to progress at their own rate and focus on individual areas that need further development. Parents will be given an individual login for their child so they can take part in the ‘Amaven Games’ PE homework.

Schools receive:

  • On-demand pupil, class and school reports
  • A login for each teacher to access online resources
  • A substantial library of curriculum-appropriate PE lesson plans
  • A personalised profile for every pupil
  • Parental engagement via the platform.
To find out more contact or 0161 300 9172.

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