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Cornwall Association of Primary School Administrators

CAPSA Update January 2017

Welcome to the first, short newsletter for CAPSA.  I hope you can help me to help other schools and Academies.   We are looking for input from all of the above people.  You should find with this newsletter, the last minutes of the committee meeting and also the flyer for the next conference planned for April.

CAPSS (Cornwall Association of Primary School Secretaries) was formed many years ago, by Michael Rutter and Michelle Renowden. They felt at the time there was a need for support and leadership for school secretaries and admin staff.  With the introduction of Business Managers and Finance personnel the name of the group was changed to CAPSA (Cornwall Association of Primary School Administrators) to incorporate the new posts being created, with the introduction of MAT’s and Academies.

I have now taken this organisation under my wing with the blessing of the committee and CAPH.  To help promote CAPSA, develop its growth and fulfil its new role.  As some people know, I am the finance officer for CAPH and my background is in Primary schools and finance.  I worked for the LFS team for many years.

This new role, I hope, will aim to help all of us to get the training we might need into schools and academies and to keep us up to date and on the ball with the many changes which we know are coming.

I would like to compile a list of administrators, in the event of absences within schools /academies.   I feel that this could be done by the use of retired or ex school staff that people such as your selves may be aware of.  Their experience should be drawn upon and used as I feel it is a great loss.

One of my hopes is to visit various schools to establish contact and to get to know everybody. Newsletters will be sent out termly or sooner, if there is a need.  If you have anything that you would like raised at the termly meetings please let me know.  Also, we would like to increase the size of our committee so if you or a colleague think you might like to get involved, please contact me. 

If you wish to contact me please email or telephone.

Annette Crocker

Mobile  07736891612

Office 01726 212892 (Tuesday and Wednesdays)

T. 01726 212892 E.