Feb 2018 - Working with Young Fathers

brook young fathers

Friday 2nd February 2018

B21, Beacon Place, Victoria Offices, Victoria, Roche, PL26 8LG

9.15am – 12.15am and 1.15pm – 4.15pm (same content repeated).

Email michelle@caph.org.uk to book places.  £30 per person for CAPH member schools, £50 for non-members.  

Communicating with young fathers and encouraging them to be involved in the lives of their children and families is widely recognised as being highly important throughout medical, social care and youth work organisations. However many practitioners may feel daunted by the prospect of working with young men in a fathering role, whilst others may consider them to be a group that is almost impossible to engage with. Similarly many of these young men often describe how they feel invisible or peripheral; ignored or misunderstood by many professionals and services.

This informal training developed by Brook Young Father’s Project, is inspired by our own experiences of ‘what works’, uses practical and interactive activities, to promote the idea that any professional can work with young fathers and encourages professionals to consider strategies that will allow them to ensure young fathers receive a fair, equal service. We have used our own work, academic research and our own survey results, to ensure that the material we deliver is relevant and accurate. We have also consulted young fathers in the planning of this training and intend to involve them in the delivery and the facilitation of the activities. Recognising that working with any group of young people often requires a flexible, spontaneous approach we hope to provide information and resources that will prompt ideas and cultivate confidence and understanding.  

We found the 'Working with Young Fathers' session both useful and thought provoking.

The informal multi agency approach allowed for the sharing of real life experiences of fathers who had unintentionally been kept at arms length at every stage right from pregnancy (this appears to be particularly so for fathers who do not reside with their children). This made us reconsider how we collect parents' views (not just mothers' views).

Shortly following this session, we had a significant incident following which a father urgently needed guidance and support. We knew who to contact and what was available.

I would highly recommend this session to anyone who works with fathers (whatever their age!)

Paula Sharpe, Trewirgie Infants 

T. 01726 212892 E. info@caph.org.uk