Running a School - starting January 2018

We are pleased to announce dates for a further cohort for this popular course. These tailor made training modules designed to further develop leadership and management skills. These practical sessions are intended for those aspiring to 'run a school', about to take up a leadership role in a school and those currently engaged in the business of 'running a school'. 
The three modules are:
Managing Purpose – Friday 26th January 2018
  1. Mission, Values, Vision and Leadership

  2. Planning – Annual Cycle, Daily Round, Term by Term

  3. Data and Returns

  4. Quality Assurance

  5. Curriculum and Learning Organisation

  6. School Improvement – Governors, Inspection

Managing People – Friday 23rd March 2018
  1. Recruitment, Appointment, Induction and  Development

  2. Structure, Performance and Appraisal

  3. Communication 1 – Paper and Electronic including Headteacher’s Report and Prospectus

  4. Communication 2 - Meetings

  5. Time – Delegation, Distributive Leadership

  6. Voice – Students/ Pupils, Parents, Community

Managing Place – Friday 18th May 2018

  1. Learning Environment

  2. Resources – Finance, P.P, Estate, Equipment

  3. Calendar

  4. Events

  5. Health and Safety

  6. Safeguarding and Well-being

All dates will take place at A12, Advent House, Victoria Offices, Victoria, PL26 8LG.

Contact Michelle in the CAPH office for more information and to book. Further details can be downloaded below.

T. 01726 212892 E.