Website FAQs


Using the CAPH members’ website

1) Logging in

Log on via the link at top-right of page on main website   Your username and password has been sent via email. If you’ve forgotten your password, there is a ‘reset password’ link on the log-in page.

If your school site is also with eschools, please note it is not possible to use the same eschools log-in as your school site for data security reasons.

2) Dashboard

This shows upcoming events, recent messages and quick links to useful sites.

3) Messages

This works in a similar way to email but is internal to the CAPH member site. You can message anyone else who is a member of CAPH this way. To message only certain groups, type in the group name in the ‘to’ field.

4) Files

We have uploaded a range of documents which may be of interest and use, including CAPH budget and governance documents, meeting minutes, safeguarding documents and research on key topics.  Go to the files ‘tab’ and click on ‘Shared Folders’ to access.  If you have useful documents we could host, please share these with us.  This area is a work in progress and more documents will be added regularly.

All paperwork relating to CAPH CIC Board meetings and finances are available in the files section.

Brucie’s Bulletin – the latest edition and all previous editions available at – Files/Shared Folders/Brucie’s Bulletin.

Events and training – Files/Shared Folders/Events and training – presentations and useful documents from CAPH events are stored here.  Please see the public website for full details of upcoming events. 

Partners - Files/Shared Folders/Partners - here you can download a list of CAPH partners, where partners have specific pricing for CAPH members, this is also available here.

CAPH Model Policies - any CAPH model policies available for your school to use are available in this folder.

You can upload documents and share with colleagues, click on ‘upload files.’ Further details on how to upload files can be downloaded below.

5) Staff Chat

This feature allows you to start discussions with colleagues, click into this tab and click on the ‘new topic’ button.  All users of the site will be able to see comments posted here.

6) Groups

If you would like to create a group for certain projects or discussions, click on ‘Groups’.  If you are part of a certain group, for example CAPH CIC Board of Directors, you will see this here.  To create your own group, simply type in the names of the people you want to include.  You can message people in a specific group by typing the group name into the ‘to’ field on a message.

7) Calendar

All CAPH events are listed here, if you want to add an event taking place at your school, click on the orange ‘options’ button.

T. 01726 212892 E.