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April 2017 - Update on water deregulation
The briefing paper below outlines Zenergi's suggested approach on how to handle the deregulation of the water market to get the most benefit. In order for the market to mature and settle, we think you should  make a start and gather the pieces of the jigsaw - In our experience many customers have historically just paid the water bills and not really needed to understand the significance of charges and pricing structures.  We believe validating your bills and gathering this information over a period of 12 months will not only give time for the market to develop, but also provide critical information in order for us to best advise you on the way forward.

Zenergi is a customer service company specializing in electricity and gas procurement; invoice validation and contract management. Their service will:

  • Provide best value energy contracts.
  • Provide information and choice to provide the best options for each individual school/academy.

  • Bring knowledge and comfort surrounding energy solutions and reduction.

  • Bring calm, order and structure to CAPH members in a complex environment.

Zenergi work with a large number of schools in Cornwall, and have been able to offer savings to many schools, and ensure peace of mind that energy bills are correct.  Check out their website for more information. http://www.zenergi.co.uk/education-users.html.

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