A Parent/Carer Engagement Framework for Cornwall

Closing gaps in educational achievement is an ongoing priority for all schools. Over many decades, both national attainment data and research findings have consistently shown that, on average, pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds achieve well below their more advantaged peers. At the heart of the Education Inspection Framework (EIF) is an ambitious curriculum for all and therefore inclusion and diminishing the disadvantage lies central to its purpose. Yet the education gap ‘stubbornly’ refuses to close. The importance of parent/ carer engagement in raising aspirations and achievement particularly for the disadvantaged pupils has been widely acknowledged (Goodall 2017; Education Endowment Foundation 2020).

Led by Cornwall Council’s school effectiveness team, supported by a Together for Families working group, representation from Cornwall’s Parent/Carer organisation and educational settings we are in the process of developing a Parent/Carer Engagement Framework for Cornwall and a range of practical resources to support its delivery. This exciting project has real potential to make a difference in Cornwall.

We are looking to set up a small working group involving education settings to support the development of the Parent/ Carer Engagement Framework. This would involve attendance at two online Teams meetings during the summer term to provide feedback on resources and to contribute to a strategy for implementation. The first meeting which is on Thursday May 20th at 4pm.

If you or a member of your staff would be interested in joining the working group then please contact Nicky Hepworth Curriculum Advisor, School Effectiveness team by Thursday 6th May. Nicky.hepworth@cornwall.gov.uk

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