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Autumn Seed Search

The ultimate primary school treasure hunt

Planting and growing a native tree is a great way to engage children with their natural environment, enable them to understand why trees are important and to develop a sense of care, appreciation and responsibility for nature.

Growing a native tree is a hands-on and straightforward way to help nature in its recovery and improve the environment where children live for both wildlife and people. Best of all, their efforts will have a tangible impact long into the future.

This autumn Cornwall Wildlife Trust are asking for the help of as many classes as possible to:

  • Search for seeds
  • Plant the seeds in pots and containers and
  • Look after the saplings that grow until they are strong

Head to to find out more and see how easy and engaging it is to take your class out in search of seeds before potting them and watching them grow.

Will your class be the ultimate Autumn Seed Searchers?

Once you have led your class on an Autumn Seed Search, let us know what you’ve collected using the quick form on our website. You will be able to see how other schools and classes are getting on and opt to receive regular emails from us. We’ll let you know what happens next, including how to care for your seeds as they grow, where to store them at different times of the year and, eventually, where to plant your tree for maximum environmental impact.