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CAPH and Babcock Education work together to provide high quality CPD opportunities for school leaders in Cornwall. Babcock has access to an extensive network of leading educational experts who can deliver content in a range of areas including systems management, mental health, assessment, behaviour.

CAPH’s partnership with Babcock Education offers CAPH member schools a 5% discount on training and conferences. Please contact Wendy Newton to find out how to access these discounted services.

Just launched: Attachment Based Beginnings - online learning

Based on our hugely popular Attachment Based Mentoring training, we've designed and developed Attachment Based Beginnings specifically for practitioners working with pre-reception aged children in Early Years settings.

Don’t miss out on our new Attachment Based Mentoring training!

Online Learning Programme - equivalent to 18 hours training - learn at your own pace and at a time that suits you

Enabling children to connect with education through Attachment Based Mentoring (ABM). ABM meets the needs of vulnerable children by providing them with a significant adult in school who will become a key attachment figure and provide a secure base for them.

The training draws on theories and research from the fields of attachment, coaching and resilience, ABM is a comprehensive practical guide as to what to do and how to be, to ensure that the individual needs of each child are met. The approach aims to enable children to feel safe, connected, and capable - forming positive relationships and enjoying learning.

Maths Mind Snacks for Teachers

We are offering a range of one hour PD sessions focussed on specific areas of mathematics, which will allow teachers to work on some maths together as part of a wider mathematics community.  This will include exploring understanding of concepts and structures and considering how to make best use of the ideas with learners.

Teachers can attend one or multiple sessions at just £9.50 + VAT per hour long virtual session.

Sessions include:

  • Games to support understanding of number R/Y1/2
  • Additive fluency through reasoning Y1/2
  • Fostering Inquiring Minds Y5/6
  • Number Sense Y5/6
  • Maths and Art Y5/6
  • Multiplicative fluency through reasoning Y3/4
  • Visualising shapes KS2
  • Procedural variation Y1/2

Developing Vocabulary – Professional Development package for teaching & learning

New lower price of £150

Developing Vocabulary is a CPD package containing a series of six sessions, each written to last around an hour and a half, but can be adapt by the trainer to fit their own programme.

Within the electronic ‘pack’ you will find the following:

  • 6 detailed session plans/presenter notes (these include the subject knowledge needed to run training, links to further reading and a number of suggestions for adaptations)
  • PowerPoint presentations for each session
  • Photocopiable resource masters for the sessions

Pre- and post-session tasks are provided, with the expectation that attendees will complete these in order to get the most out of each session. Each begins with a ‘word warm-up’ and all end with a short activity to encourage reflection on what has been learned during the session.

National PSHE CPD Programme – Updated to virtual programme with a new lower price £400

Babcock LDP have updated their National PSHE CPD Programme with a reduced price for schools. This is a comprehensive, 6 virtual session, tutor led programme, which progressively builds upon the previous session, and enabling participants to apply an evidence based approach to their teaching and strategic developments. Participants will be required to plan and deliver a PSHE lesson, which will be observed - this forms part of the reflective approach underpinning the course.

All necessary course materials are provided; these will support participants during each of the training sessions and will help to direct further independent reading and study. This course will be delivered by Jan Lever, Jigsaw PSHE.

The 6 Sessions:

  • Getting started with the PSHE CPD Programme and Guidance and theory underpinning PSHE
  • RSE and Health Education
  • Relationships Education and sensitive issues and Active teaching and learning and Effective lesson planning
  • Assessment and evaluation and lesson observation and preparation
  • Teaching PSHE that impacts on emotional and mental health
  • Teaching PSHE that impacts on staying safe and safeguarding and Equality and Values

Safer Recruitment Online Learning

This online course has been written for governors, trustees and people who work in schools, settings and other agencies with children and young people.

It is designed to increase your knowledge and understanding of safer recruitment and it will enable you to be compliant with the most recent KCSiE statutory guidance.

The course consists of 4 comprehensive modules:

  • Understanding the risk
  • Preparing to recruit
  • Rejecting unsuitable adults
  • Induction process and continued internal vigilance

Price just £29

Online Learning – Recorded Sessions

If you missed out on any of our recent sessions, you may purchase single user licences on our Shop and using your Shop login, you will then be able to access these recorded sessions at a time and place that suits you.  

Our new Learning Management System (LMS) gives you complete control over when you start, pause, stop and complete each session.

Some of our recorded sessions include:

  • Devon Music Education Hub
  • SEND
  • Educational Psychology
  • School Finance

Prices start from £20

Just look out for the below image on our Shop!


Despite the events of COVID-19, Babcock LDP are able to deliver our training and conferences virtually. We are hosting all of our Conferences online for the foreseeable future using click meetings.

Our upcoming conferences consist of:


Despite the events of COVID-19, Babcock LDP have adapted to the changes and are now able to deliver our training and conferences virtually.

We have consistently been holding training online since the beginning of the Autumn Term 2020 with great success and we will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Closing the Word Gap - the challenge of our age

(just published: English Blog)

Two things have come together for me over the last week. Firstly, we have just run ‘Moving on with Vocabulary’, a conference where we have built on the work of schools in vocabulary development over the last 3 years. It was so exciting to see how far schools have come and how embedded the work is becoming across the whole school: It just made me think that in Devon we have really come a long way! The second thing was reading the Oxford Language Report: Bridging the Word Gap at Transition, I am once again reminded of the scale of the challenge.

‘92% of teachers think school closures (due to Covid-19) have contributed to a widening of the word gap’ (Oxford Language Report)

One thing is clear to me: this is probably the hardest challenge we face in education if we are to stand any chance of levelling the playing field for children and now is the time that we need to re-double our efforts. We use the following quote with teachers, not to dismay them, but to galvanise them into action:

‘According to Susan B. Neuman, a professor in educational studies specializing in early literacy development, “[Vocabulary has] been one of the most resistant-to-change skills in early literacy. Generally, children come into school with vocabulary at one point and leave with vocabulary at the same point” (quoted in Sparks, 2013).’ Sprenger, M., 2017, 101 Strategies to Make Academic Vocabulary Stick, p.2

The key findings from the Oxford Language Report 2020 have led me to reflect on the work we have been doing in this area and moved me to put pen to paper to see if there is anything others could take from our work which might help us all to climb the mountain!