CAPH Conference March 2021

Leading the Way
Join us on Friday 19th March for our latest Zoom conference.
9.45am Zoom meeting opens
9.50am CAPH Partner Update - Hannah Dowley, Schools Advisory Service
10.00am Sir David Carter – Leading out of COVID
11.00am Break
11.05am CAPH Partner Update - Sonja Selby, Milsted Langdon
11.15am Dave Keeling – The Science of Happiness
12.15pm Close
Free to join as part of your CAPH membership. Open to all members of your SLT.
Keynote speakers
Sir David Carter - Leading out of COVID
Leaders in schools across the country have done an amazing job to provide learning and a safer environment for their children and communities. A new opportunity is going to present itself for schools as we lead our way out of the pandemic and Sir David's presentation will look at the likely areas of focus that are going to help the education sector recover and re-imagine the type of schools we want our children to attend in the future
Dave Keeling - The Science of Happiness

It’s March.

During lockdown have you become a hunk, a chunk or a drunk? and can you even remember what a pub is!!

If like most, all the above is true you could forgive anyone for telling 2021 where to go.

Which is why this fast paced, fun and illuminating one-hour session delivered by Lead Happiness Consultant Dave Keeling, may be a timely shot in the arm for anyone who is having wonky thoughts and behaviours, who may be struggling to find the energy and good humour to push on through or who just simply wants to have a laugh.

Whatever the reason this interactive session will not only provide tips and tricks to enable people to think better thoughts and make more positive choices but will also explore in a variety of ways

  • How we process thoughts
  • How to get a D.O.S.E. of happiness
  • Fast and Slow thinking
  • Curiosity
  • Risk taking
  • The secret to motivation
  • Realistic Happiness
  • The 5 Drivers of Happiness
  • And why Dave doesn’t like the word stew or casserole and don’t get him started on Tagines!

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