Mental Health Awareness Training Nov 2019

MHFA mental health first aid sunflower training
Further to feedback on training needs, the CAPSA committee has arranged for Sunflower Training to deliver a one-day Mental Distress First Aid course.  

Date: 11th November 2019

Venue: Office 2,Victoria Business Park Station Approach Roche PL26 8LG

Time: Coffee and sign in 8.45am, 9.00am start. The training is a full day until 3.30pm, lunch will be provided.

Cost: £78(+VAT) per delegate

Booking: contact Annette Crocker

Cancellations: these must be received 7 working days prior to the event to avoid a charge.

It is well documented that at least one in four of us will experience some form of mental ill-health during our lifetime, the reality is that it could well be us or someone we know.

Mental Distress F.I.R.S.T. A.I.D. is an intervention skill used on people who are or may be developing mental ill-health, who are in mental distress or suicidal. As a first aider your main role is to keep this person safe until they are able to access appropriate help or the crisis is over. It’s important to understand that as a first aider you do NOT have to be a counsellor or a therapist.

Aim of this course:

  • To provide an overview of mental ill-health and what various conditions look like
  • To help attendees understand how mental ill-health can impact on individuals and those around them
  • To help attendees know how to support someone in mental distress or with suicidal thoughts/behaviours by using a Mental Distress First Aid & Suicide First Aid intervention skill
  • Where to go and how access help


  • Be able to help a person experiencing mental distress or mental ill-health
  • Know what certain conditions look like and people behave
  • Know how to spot the early signs and symptoms
  • Be able to deliver a Mental Distress/Suicide F.I.R.S.T. A.I.D. Intervention
  • Understand Self-harm, what it is and why people choose to self-harm
  • Help reduce stigma
  • Have learned about the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’
  • Promote faster recovery
  • Practice as a Mental Distress First Aider

Who is this course aimed at?

As for anyone who undertakes training it’s important to know if this course is right for you. This training is very transferable and will build your confidence in how to have difficult conversations. To be a Mental Distress First Aider you just need to be prepared to ask a person how they are regardless of what the answer may be and committed to helping or signposting when you get that answer. We’ll help you with the rest…

T. 01726 212892 E.