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The Cornerstones Curriculum is a knowledge and skills-based primary curriculum, offering over 80 original, cross-curricular projects that engage young minds and ensure coherent subject progression. Cornerstones currently provide over 2000 schools with the content and resources to design and implement a vibrant curriculum that leads to real impact.
School Recommendation
Probus Primary School, Truro, Cornwall Lyn McNamara, local leader in education and executive principal of two primary schools, began using the Cornerstones Curriculum in April 2016 after taking over what was then Probus Community Primary School, a school struggling to improve on its Ofsted rating of 'requires improvement'. Lyn explains how the Cornerstones Curriculum has impacted positively on standards at Probus Primary.
'I explored a number of commercially produced curriculums but chose Cornerstones, as it was the only curriculum that firmly put English/literacy at the heart of each theme. I particularly like the use of classic literature to enrich each Imaginative Learning Project. Cornerstones has undoubtedly made a difference and impacted positively on standards. In just 18 months, standards have improved rapidly from well below national average at every phase to well above national average at every phase. KS2 data in reading and writing is above 93% at expected and 43% at greater depth, and our school has performed in line with the top 10% of schools nationally. The quality of Cornerstones Curriculum undoubtedly contributed to this rapid improvement in standards, expectations, consistency and outcomes - it has been a crucial part of the improvement journey. I have recommended the Cornerstones Curriculum to a number of schools, as it has proven to impact positively on the quality of teaching, establish expectations and engender consistency and cohesion in schools requiring improvement.'
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