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We are a united collaboration of professionally qualified Play Therapists, who have come together voluntarily, to offer education and advice about how Play Therapy can support the mental health and well-being of children across Cornwall.

Support during and after COVID-19

We appreciate that the reopening of schools will be a very stressful time for pupils, their families and staff alike. In light of this, Cornwall Play Therapy Associates (CPTA) would like to offer Head Teachers advice and suggestions on how to meet the emotional health needs of their school communities.

In addition to having previously worked in the educational sector, CPTA has over 35 years of shared professional Play Therapy experience; supporting children and families who have been through trauma and emotional difficulties, including anxiety.

Please contact any of the Play Therapists directly, for a free and informal discussion: each of the Associates contact details are on the CPTA website (www.cornwallplaytherapyassociates.co.uk)

We aim to provide an approachable and supportive point of contact for parents, carers and professionals within the educational sector. Our website offers: clarity around what Play Therapy is; the benefits of Play Therapy; when Play Therapy might not be appropriate for a child and the training and qualifications necessary to become a professionally recognised Play Therapist. In addition, our website will provide information and contact details for each of the associates: each associate is committed to responding to individual questions, concerns or general referral enquiries, on a no obligation basis - for free.
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