Curriculum online seminars - Summer term

The free online curriculum seminars from the LA School Effectiveness Team will carry on in the summer term with a continued focus on implementation and the final two seminars on impact. These seminars are aimed at senior leaders senior and middle leaders to support professional development and school improvement. The short online seminars are designed to provide an insight into key areas of curriculum development that can be further supported by the curriculum advisors working directly with your school to provide a bespoke package.

Each seminar is distinct in itself but forms part of an overall picture of curriculum intent, implementation and impact. The online seminars will provide information, facilitate access to resources and an opportunity for teachers to share and reflect on their practice.

The seminars will take place on a fortnightly basis starting on April 27th, 2021. Full details have been sent out via school messenger and can be  found at www.cornwalllearningonline.co.uk - go to ‘find course’ and type SEC11 in ‘course code’.