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Discovery RE is delighted to be a preferred CAPH partner and especially pleased to be able to offer support to Cornwall Primary Schools as they review their RE in light of the recent agreed syllabus developments.

The mapping document available below (Cornwall 2020) shows how we believe Discovery RE can structure RE across the school, making implementing the syllabus straightforward and enabling high quality RE learning.

Sample downloads are available on the Discovery RE website.

Upcoming FREE webinars

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Tuesday March 9th, 4-4.30pm

How to assess RE at your school

Discovery RE invites you to, once and for all, understand how to assess RE at your school.

Attend our 30-minute, no obligation, webinar so we can share the Discovery RE assessment system with you and give you some sample assessment activities with accompanying attainment descriptors and exemplification.

About Discovery RE

Discovery RE® is an enquiry approach to Religious Education for Primary School which consistently delivers excellent learning outcomes. Discovery RE is a set of detailed medium-term planning for ages 3-11 which considers Christianity in every year group with a choice of one other religion or worldview each year. These choices are aligned with the Cornwall Agreed Syllabus and offer additional scope to include Buddhism, Sikhism, Humanism and more at the school’s discretion. Discovery RE is also compatible with Understanding Christianity, having worked with the Church of England to see how to fit the two together for best effect for Church Schools using UC.

As well as the straightforward 4-step planning which starts where the children are, Discovery RE also supports teachers by including a set of assessment activity sheets for each enquiry, (colour-coded to follow through from the planning), exemplification, attainment descriptors (working towards, at and beyond age-related expectations) and tracking sheets.

The Owl Crew add a special edge to Discovery RE, deepening children’s questioning by being both the asker and receiver of questions.

The Community Area (with additional materials e.g. training ppt, Knowledge Organisers, sample policy etc), Discovery RE Mentor and FREE updates all add to the continual support offered to Discovery RE schools at no charge once the teaching programme is purchased.

Email Sue@janlevergroup.com to reserve your place for all these webinars and receive your Zoom invitation link.

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