Marazion School win the CAPH T2M Primary Award

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CAPH T2M Primary Award 2016 - Marazion School
Marazion School was announced as the winner of the first CAPH T2M Primary Award at the 2016 Cornwall Sports Awards on Friday 4th November. Nominations were sought from schools with examples of work driving forward the six ambitions of the Time 2 Move framework
Marazion School submitted a case study of their work towards ambitions 3 (diverse and inclusive) and 5 (leadership, coaching & volunteering).  
In the Spring term 2015 they committed to teaching a variety of sports from the Rio Olympics and Paralympics. They invited pupils from their local specialist needs school Nancealverne School to join them in these sessions.   The aim was to increase the inclusiveness and diversity of PE sessions and to develop pupils' social and leadership development related to sport.  
Sitting volleyball was a particular favourite of all the sports tried, highlighted in the video above. There was an emphatic improvement in hand-eye coordination skills after participating in this topic.  The sessions also developed the children's social skills as they were required to act as lead learners and coach Nancealverne pupils.
Developing diversity is a priority in the Marazion School School Improvement Plan, so there was a good fit with these sessions. 
"One of the precepts we studied last year was: Strength lies in differences, not in similarities. This project showed how difference can enrich the life of our school.  It also allowed us to link with a local school, working together to provide opportunities for pupils and adults to work together in Penwith." Jenny Rainbow, Headteacher
Marazion School now have plans in place to send their 2016/17 Sport Leaders to Nancealverne to assist in the provision of their PE.   
Congratulations to all the shortlisted schools - Sir Robert Geffery's School, Braddock Primary School and St Meriadoc Infant Academy. 

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