Mar/May 2019 Uncovering the Wellbeing Within

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Could the leadership team in your school benefit from some time to develop wellbeing? Perhaps the responsibilities and demands placed upon you as leaders is a challenge to balance? Could you find value in taking time to reflect and see the bigger picture? Maybe you have a keen interest in developing wellbeing within your school? Join us on a programme to uncover the wellbeing within you, to tune into your own leadership style and to learn ways to enhance the wellbeing of your entire school community.

This programme will give members of the leadership team in your school the chance to develop your own leadership skills, to connect with a community of other leaders and to learn how to tune into your inner guide to help you navigate the ever-changing school conditions and expectations. The programme promotes deep listening as a skill to enable you to truly hear yourself and to listen to those around you in a way that enriches connection and improves authentic communication.

When and where is Uncovering the Wellbeing Within programme?

The programme is run over two full-day workshops during the Spring and Summer terms:

  • 27th March 2019
  • 22nd May 2019

The workshops will take place in the Garden Room at Bedruthan Steps Hotel and Spa, near Newquay. 

In addition to the workshops, the group will be able to decide if they would like to create an online community between themselves so that helpful and supportive communication can take place between the face-to-face sessions.

To book your place, contact The cost will be £200+VAT per delegate.

Who is the Uncovering the Wellbeing Within programme for? 

This is a programme for anyone in a school leadership position: head teachers, deputies, senior and middle managers.

What is the Uncovering the Wellbeing Within programme?

The full-day workshops will be based upon an approach to wellbeing that recognises the value in understanding how the human experience is created. Known as the Three Principles or the Inside-Out Understanding, the foundation for the Uncovering the Wellbeing Within programme is a simple description of how our experience of life is created. This description points to the ever-present and universal energy of life and how our thoughts and experience is brought to life through our awareness. Connecting to this understanding can help you to see more of who you really are.

What can I expect from the Uncovering the Wellbeing Within programme?

The programme will encourage reflection, giving you the time to let your mind settle away from the immediate demands of the school environment. This bespoke programme will be built around the individuals taking part. Core themes will be explored throughout the programme and you can expect to cover the following:

  • What wellbeing means to you and looks like in the context of your own life and school
  • What does truly excellent leadership look like to you?
  • Where are you at on your own leadership journey? Perhaps considering the following questions (adapted from Integrity Coaching):
- Who am I as a leader and how do I embody my vision?
- What are my core values and what do they mean in practice?
- How honest am I with myself and others and how does this affect my leadership?
- What is my leadership mindset and how does this affect my interactions and leadership?
- How confident am I in my leadership role?
- How do I give myself time for deep and profound learning as a leader?
- Do I do things that stretch my comfort zone and what is my attitude towards this?
  • The difference it can make to know that you are complete and whole already and have within you everything you need to be the leader you want to be.
  • The Inside-Out understanding as a description of how our experience of life is created and how this can change how you see and connect to your own wellbeing.
  • What it means to connect to your own intuition and to allow this to guide you in your leadership and your life.

Who is delivering the programme?

Vicky Otter, a Wellbeing Coach at Innate Connection, will be leading and facilitating the workshops. Vicky is passionate about wellbeing, helping people to find their own inner voice and to trust their own intuition to guide them through life.  Vicky supports and promotes the wellbeing of individuals in school communities through coaching and wellbeing workshops and also serves private clients on a small-holding farm on the north coast of Cornwall.

A message from Vicky:

“I’m really excited to be delivering this programme! I have a love for both wellbeing and the education system and working with leaders is an amazing way to facilitate lasting impact for schools. The Inside-Out understanding has been pivotal for me, enabling me to gain a greater sense of wellbeing and to make more heartfelt and courageous decisions in my own life and career. Sharing this with others makes total sense! Having worked as a primary teacher for six years before starting my own wellbeing business, Innate Connection, I have a natural enthusiasm for working within and for schools, for the benefit of the staff, children and wider school community. The main and most important factor for this programme is to give School Leaders the opportunity to listen deeply to themselves; something that will benefit them greatly in the important role they have in their schools.”

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