National PSHE CPD Programme

This is a comprehensive, 6 virtual session, tutor led programme, which progressively builds upon the previous session, enabling participants to apply an evidence based approach to their teaching and strategic developments. Participants will be required to plan and deliver a PSHE lesson, which will be observed - this forms part of the reflective approach underpinning the course.

All necessary course materials are provided; these will support participants during each of the training sessions and will help to direct further independent reading and study. This course will be delivered by Jan Lever, Jigsaw PSHE.

The 6 Sessions:

  • Getting started with the PSHE CPD Programme and Guidance and theory underpinning PSHE
  • RSE and Health Education
  • Relationships Education and sensitive issues and Active teaching and learning and Effective lesson planning
  • Assessment and evaluation and lesson observation and preparation
  • Teaching PSHE that impacts on emotional and mental health
  • Teaching PSHE that impacts on staying safe and safeguarding and Equality and Values