National Tutoring Programme

Since 02/11/2020, all state schools in England have had the opportunity to access subsidised, high-quality tuition from a list of 32 “Tuition Partners”: providers approved by the Education Endowment Foundation, all of whom having met rigorous quality, safeguarding and evaluation standards.
We have arranged a regional webinar for settings within the Duchy on Wednesday 31st March at 4pm, where you can hear directly from Tuition Partners and learn more about the programme and how it is subsidised.

If you are already accessing Tutoring through the NTP Tuition Partners pillar, we’d like to hear from you to discuss your experiences so far and any early impact of the intervention.

Please get in touch with us at schooleffectiveness@cornwall.gov.uk to share your experiences or to seek support and guidance from us on any element of the NTP.