One Team Logic/MyConcern

CAPH's partnership with One Team Logic offers CAPH schools a discount off their annual subscription to their multi award-winning safeguarding software MyConcern; Clarity – for multi establishment reporting and Sentry - for Safer Recruitment.

The past few decades have seen a dramatic increase in the safeguarding risks being encountered by children and young people. Teachers and school staff are often the first to spot signs which could highlight a range of concerns including child exploitation, mental health issues, bullying and digital dangers. This puts tremendous responsibility on schools, colleges and other organisations in identifying and supporting extremely challenging issues.

One Team Logic have transformed the recording and management of safeguarding concerns. MyConcern is their secure and trusted, Queen’s Award-winning child protection software which is used by schools and other organisations across the UK, and globally. It enables staff to record wellbeing concerns easily using a securely on any internet enabled device.

MyConcern equips the safeguarding lead with a holistic view of the issues that children and young people in their care are facing. The system creates a team around the child, keeping them at the centre. It’s an chosen best of breed partner of Capita SIMS which allows for seamless integration, although will integrate with any MIS provider.

Powerful reporting tools highlight risks and trends, prompting early intervention by safeguarding professionals. Importantly, the software supports organisations using the system to share safeguarding information securely with trusted third-parties, including professionals in social care, health and policing.
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Clarity: For Multi-Establishment Safeguarding

High-level, anonymised reporting enables Senior Leaders to compare establishments, detect trends, identify actionable insights and track progress, providing Clarity to Senior Management, Trustees, Governors and Inspectors. MyConcern’s multi-establishment reporting platform enables you to generate customizable reports and data exports at category, school, college and group level to assist in well informed decision making.

Available to all Multi-establishments and LAs.

Sentry: For Safer Recruitment.

Sentry is a safeguarding software tool that effectively manages your safer recruitment process and acts as your Single Central Record.

It enables practitioners to easily record all recruitment checks that are required by the statutory guidance and to closely track every step of that process. The system has been designed to guide you through the recruitment process, to monitor the progress of outstanding checks and to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation.

Sentry will ensure that your recruitment processes are robust and acts as a critical first line of defense against those individuals who may present significant risks to children and young people.

Training resources

Committed to Safeguarding

One Team Logic are first and foremost a safeguarding company. Two of the founding directors are former Senior Police Officers with over 60 years’ experience. They are also current school governors, so understand intimately the challenges facing schools today.

As well as having a world-class development team who continually work to improve MyConcern in line with new guidance and policies, One Team Logic also have a team of expert Safeguarding Consultants. These consultants all have well-established backgrounds in child protection, education, health and social care, and policing.

Added value benefits of an annual subscription to MyConcern is the on-going support available from these practitioners. They help to set the system up and show you how to tailor it to your school’s individual needs, preferences and local policies. There are also regular webinars, events and resources that are available to customers of One Team Logic.

“As a safeguarding company, keeping children and the vulnerable safe from the risk of harm is at the heart of what we do. There is so much more to do than having a policy in place and MyConcern enables schools to proactively manage their safeguarding responsibilities” Mike Glanville, Director of Safeguarding Services.

For further information contact info@oneteamlogic.co.uk or call 03306 600 757