Oxford University Press

Partnership Promise

CAPH has agreed a Partnership Promise with Oxford University Press, as a result all members of CAPH will have access to services outlined in the Promise.

The Partnership Promise offers discounts on the following to schools: 

  • KS3/KS4/KS5 student books and Kerboodle (digital resources)
  • KS3/KS4/KS5 Revison guides and workbooks
  • All Primary Print resources

There are also termly additional discounts available as part of the Partnership Promise, see below for the latest offers. Contact your local product experts to access the discounts. 

Primary Product Experts

Shelley Ross – shelley.ross@oup.com

Dawn Nunn – dawn.nunn@oup.com

Secondary Product Experts

Georgina Peters – george.peters@oup.com

Current offers, updates & events

Bridging the Word Gap at Transition

We are proud to announce the latest Word Gap report from Oxford University Press and the Centre For Education and Youth. This is such a vital issue right now - particularly with the impact of school shutdowns on children’s learning this year.

If you missed the live launch of the NEW report by Oxford University Press and The CFEY, you can view it here:

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