Cornwall Agreed Syllabus
For any queries and support with teaching RE contact Cliffy Banfield, SACREconsultant, cbanfield@treleigh.cornwall.sch.uk.

Online support for primary RE in Cornwall: implementing the new agreed syllabus

Cornwall SACRE is offering a series of online training sessions, delivered by Lat Blaylock and Stephen Pett from RE Today. These will help teachers to implement the new Cornwall agreed syllabus, using a range of classroom activities to illustrate how to put the syllabus into practice.

Discovery RE is delighted to be a preferred CAPH partner and especially pleased to be able to offer support to Cornwall Primary Schools as they review their RE in light of the recent agreed syllabus developments.
Discovery RE® is an enquiry approach to Religious Education for Primary School which consistently delivers excellent learning outcomes. Discovery RE is a set of detailed medium-term planning for ages 3-11 which considers Christianity in every year group with a choice of one other religion or worldview each year. These choices are aligned with the Cornwall Agreed Syllabus and offer additional scope to include Buddhism, Sikhism, Humanism and more at the school’s discretion. Discovery RE is also compatible with Understanding Christianity, having worked with the Church of England to see how to fit the two together for best effect for Church Schools using UC.