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Have you heard about the Government's new Kickstart scheme?

The government have recently announced a new scheme to support unemployed young people called Kickstart - a way to enable businesses to offer job placements for a period of 6 months.

Kickstart for schools:

We are developing an offer that will support schools to take on Kickstart placements in a way that ensures the process works as easily and simply as possible. We will ensure schools understand what is involved, place their Kickstart employee in an appropriate role in their setting and set up the right support around the placement. This will ensure that the young person gets the best opportunities for them and that the setting receives value and is not distracted from its core educational purpose.

At RIO we believe social enterprise has the power to change the world.

We’re passionate about solving social problems and by working with individuals, organisations and sectors we harness the power of social enterprise to deliver real and lasting social change.

We draw on our own very real experience of developing award winning social enterprises to deliver strategic programmes , along with a range of social enterprise solutions - including consultancy, training and business support - to help others realise their ambitions through social enterprise.

RIO are leaders in Cultural Education. As the Arts Council Bridge Organisation for the South West of England we work with schools, youth settings and cultural organisations to connect young people with great art and culture.

Our comprehensive suite of support is offered at three levels – information and advice, training and CPD, and in depth consultancy – all subsidised by Arts Council England.

As Bridge Organisation we can provide specialist support to organisations around the Arts Award and Artsmark, to help embed the Arts Council’s Quality Principles and to develop Cultural Education Plans.

4Cs – creativity, culture, connection, community – Webinars

The 4C are at the heart of Real Ideas’ recovery curriculum thinking. Our aim is to outline the practical activity on offer and create communities of practice around the 4Cs to support school leaders, subject coordinators and classroom teachers. That way we can work together to share learning and build a body of evidence around the impact of the 4Cs on both recovery and curriculum. Each of the 4Cs is featured in a sequence of webinar-workshop-catch up.

Creativity: Tales from the Primary Classroom

Date: 3rd March, 2021

Link: https://realideas.org/event/creativity-tales-from-the-primary-classroom/

 This webinar will focus on practical examples of creativity across the curriculum to provoke and inspire during lockdown and beyond from south west schools.

Culture: Outdoor Places and Spaces

Date: 28th April, 2021

Link: https://realideas.org/event/culture-outdoor-places-and-spaces/

Exploring how schools can make the best use of outdoor spaces and places to support curriculum delivery and wellbeing.

Community: The Wonderful World of Scrap

Date: 11th May, 2021

Link: https://realideas.org/event/community-the-wonderful-world-of-scrap/

In the heart of lockdown, a range of organisations worked to shape and distribute Let's Create packs, among them local scrapstores. This webinar shines a light on their work, the lesson from lockdown, and the creative play at the heart of their approach.

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