Sex and Relationships education and support
Delivering PSHE and SRE sessions throughout Cornwall. Using dolls and anatomically correct models. Lessons are bespoke. This work was selected by a group of young volunteers (16 – 25) working with FPA and Brook as one of 10 examples of some of the best practice around the country, so the Department for Education, Ofsted, school leaders and the Government can see examples of these principles in action.
School recommendation
‘Sarah has worked with the school over a number of years and always offered staff excellent advice on all matters related to PSHCE. Each year she has delivered a carefully planned series of PSHCE sessions to all children from Reception to Year 6 and made a very significant impact on their understanding, specifically in how they look after themselves and understand how they grow and change from birth to adulthood. Sarah’s medical knowledge and experience makes her very well suited to supporting children in an open, honest and sensitive way.'
Indian Queens School
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Sarah Le Vien

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