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SAS Cyber Insurance

SAS are delighted to announce the launch of SAS Cyber Insurance. We understand that after staffing, IT is often the next biggest expenditure for schools. We’ve therefore partnered with a Top 5 Global Cyber Insurer to bring AA Rated Cyber Insurance cover to UK Schools and Academies.

As always, at SAS we’re about providing best value! Therefore, if you place your school's absence insurance with Schools Advisory Service, you can receive a 15% discount off your SAS Cyber  Insurance Quotation.

What Is Cyber Insurance?

Cyber Insurance provides your school’s electronics (computers, laptops, projectors etc) and more importantly, personal data, with protection against hacks, security breachers, virus’, extortion and fraud.

Why Do You Need Cyber Insurance for Your School?

It is important protection for any institution that:

  • Processes payments online.
  • Uses cloud systems to store information.
  • Stores personal data on computer systems.

Things every school does!

What Will SAS Cyber Insurance Do?

  • Provide protection for your electronics and data.
  • Restore & recover any lost data that occurs during breaches.
  • Provide you with PR & Legal Experts if the schools’ reputation is damaged from a breach.
  • Give Tips and Training on how to make your data as secure as possible.

For a quote, email Mark.Smith@uk-sas.co.uk with the following details:

  • the name and postcode of the school
  • the number of staff under contract at the school
  • the number of pupils enrolled at the school
  • the number of site locations you operate from.