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DfE guidance on pay grant

On 14th Sep, the DfE published Teachers' pay grant methodology. Detailed guidance on allocations will be available in October, with payments made later in the Autumn.

CAPH response to Local Government consultation

Over the summer (of course) the government held a consultation on its proposals regarding teachers' salaries following the report of the School Teachers' Review Body (STRB).  This is the first year that the government has announced that it will not implement the recommendations in full, deciding instead to increase the maximum and minimum of the different pay scales by 3.5% for the unqualified and main scale, 2% for the upper pay scale and 1.5% for the leadership scale. The government has said that the pay award will be 'fully funded', above the 1% which it has assumed that schools have budgeted for, but there is uncertainty about how this will be achieved and how money will be allocated to schools. Cornwall Council invited CAPH to contribute to the response which it was sending to the Local Government Association. CAPH argued that schools should receive the actual amount they need to fund the pay increase as staffing levels and budgets have already been set. The alternative method would be to allocate the money through a formula, which would be easier to do but which could well leave some schools short of the funds which they need. We also commented on other factors which could affect recruitment and retention of teachers and added our voice to those expressing concern about the government's failure to follow the STRB's advice. Look out for updates in School Messenger.  The full consultation is available to download below.

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