Squiggle 2.0 with Progressive Dough Disco Online Training

In partnership with St Ives Infant & Nursery School Cornwall

20th April 4:15PM to 6PM

Do you need to rapidly improve your children’s writing?

Squiggle 2.0 is everything you need to impact on writing with instant results. It’s an updated programme of Shonette's original programme Squiggle Whilst you Wiggle with nine separate dances that provide a missing link between mark making and letter formation.

Squiggle is:

  • A combination of gross motor movements that impact on fine muscle
  • Making Marks that make letters
  • Pre cursive to assist when cursive is introduced
  • Developmentally impacting

Within this lively training the practitioner will learn:

  • Why movement based approaches will make the most impact post pandemic and beyond.
  • How to implement Squiggle and Dough Disco immediately
  • What to do each step of the way to progress Squiggle into writing
  • When to fit it into an already packed school/nursery day