Sustainable Food Cornwall

Sustainable Food Cornwall has been set up to help create new partnerships and paths towards a more sustainable food system for Cornwall. It is funded by Sustainable Food Places and The Hive and is working with Cornwall Council, the Local Enterprise Partnership, Local Nature partnership and key sector networks.

We are talking with farmers, fishermen, food processors, growers, food and climate activists, community food groups, chefs, the health sector, restaurant owners and across the tourism sector, schools and colleges, farm shops and markets, wholesalers and manufacturers, butchers, bakers, wine makers and brewers, local government, our MP’s as well as a broad range of consumers.

These discussions will feed into the evidence base we are compiling to shape Cornwall’s sustainable food strategy and which will be presented to key stakeholders (including everyone who participates at this stage). We are asking the following questions: 

Please do kindly join the discussion and let us know your views, interests, priorities and about any work you are involved in which is relevant'.

It would really help to have as much input from primary schools as possible. Finally, do you know of any schools that are leading the way on growing and cooking their own food? We would like to encourage this more widely and engage with these schools.

Contact: Holly Whitelaw holly@sustainablefoodcornwall.org.uk

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