TEVI - Strong Roots and Wild Wind Wishes

trebah cultural education dance art theatre

Be first to be offered the opportunity to be part of our new project for the next year at Trebah Garden.

This is hot off the press, with lots of space for co-designing curriculum opportunities as part of the journey.

We are busy building partnerships with some amazing creative people including the puppet makers of War Horse, to create TEVI our life sized lion puppet, who will walk through our gardens.

We have already secured significant funding to ensure we can keep the project as affordable as possible and currently working to supplement this even further if we can. We are again supported by Real Ideas to incorporate creative curriculum ideas and opportunities to support Arts Award and Arts Mark.

Please have a look through and get in touch with us to let us know that you would like to join in and if you would like to join in but have questions just ask!

Sarah Waller

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