The Red Box Project

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Set up a Red Box in your school and be a part of the Movement!

The Red Box Project quietly ensures that no young person misses school because they have their period.

Working as a nationwide community, The Red Box Project seeks to provide free menstrual products for the young people in our local schools.

Problem: In the UK, some young women in our schools are finding it difficult to access sanitary products.
Result: Tearful panics in the loo. Wadded up toilet roll. Anxious embarrassment. Missed lessons. Missed education. 
Solution: The community sponsor and stock a red box filled with sanitary products and spare pants. The Red Box will support disadvantaged young women throughout their entire period.
The box is kept at school with the Nurse, in reception or with an appropriate member of staff.  Plain paper bags are included for discretion.  Of course, our schools are already on the case and stock a limited supply of sanitary towels to cover emergencies, but what makes this project special is that we aim to ensure enough supplies to get her through her entire period. 

Our aim is to provide free menstrual products to any young person that may struggle to access it. This means more boxes in more schools across the UK BUT we need your help! If you’d like to coordinate a Red Box in your school, send us an email for more information: theredboxprojectcornwall@gmail.com 

You can find details of where the Red Box Project is already running on the national website and the local Facebook page. 

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