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Training with Faye Heming - Change Theory in Practice - Tuesday 5th November 2024

Change Theory in Practice


Embracing Successful Change in Primary Schools

This 1-day course is aimed at senior leaders and aspiring senior leaders in primary school settings.   

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“When change initiatives fail - and they do so more often than not - they rarely fail on technical skills, they fail on the people skills.”

                                                                                                       David A. Shore


When managing change, you need to manage the process, the people, and yourself.  During this course, we explore what drives change, the different types of change, where the barriers are to be found and what senior leaders can do to understand and manage these changes in the context of primary school settings.


To manage change you need to manage people. Change that is not asked for, welcomed, or well planned for, can be stressful and unsettling or actively resisted. These situations are common in schools and so this course looks at change from the perspective of others and suggests ways to deal with these particularly challenging situations.


We will focus on developing your influence and persuasion skills to ensure you are effective in your leadership roles in school. We will look in detail at why people resist change so that you can develop the necessary skills to get everyone on board and embrace change. 


Various change management models will be shared, alongside practical ways to implement change in school.

  The aims of this course include:

  •  To understand the people and planning elements of the change management process.
  •  To know why change might fail and how to mitigate the reasons.
  •  To understand the human response to change and how to respond to resistance.
  •  To become familiar with some change management models and how to apply them in school.
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