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Website update November 2017

We have been developing the CAPH public website over the past few months to make it a more useful resource for our members.  Here are some updates on new functionality and where to find what you need.

Search function

The search engine on the site has been greatly improved and using keywords in the search box should find you what need. The search results will show relevant pages and documents and events.


Our calendar now contains CPD and events taking place across Cornwall from a range of providers, including CAPH, CAPH partners, but also schools, the LA, teaching schools, Maths Hub etc.  If you know of events taking place, or are arranging events at your setting, please send us the details for inclusion.  CAPH events are also listed here.


We have created a Directory, this can be browsed by topic or use the search function. The Directory is a mix signposting to documents and resources on key areas such as safeguarding for example, and also a place for companies and service providers to post details of their services to schools.  This will provide information for you and also some additional income for CAPH to help us maintain our services.  Any company listed will have to provide a testimonial from a school. All CAPH partners are included in the Directory.    

Job listings

Also within the Directory there is a page for job listings, if you are recruiting for any positions and would like to post this on our site for additional promotion, please send in details.  There is no charge for this for CAPH members.  We will use our social media links to promote vacancies for you.

The website will be a constant work in progress, if there are things you would like including, or you can’t find what you need, please get in touch. 

Using the CAPH members’ website

The member’s area of the site now contains copies of the weekly Bulletins, CAPH Board and AGM meeting minutes and agendas, CAPH SLT meeting records, CAPH budget and legal documents, presentations and materials from CAPH events, partner documents not to be shared publicly. 

  • Logging in

Log on via the link at top-right of page on main website www.caph.org.uk.  Your username and password has been sent via email - the username is in the format 'firstname.surname'. If you’ve forgotten your password, there is a ‘reset password’ link on the log-in page.

If your school site is also with eschools, please note it is not possible to use the same eschools log-in as your school site for data security reasons.

  • Messages

This works in a similar way to email but is internal to the CAPH member site. You can message anyone else who is a member of CAPH this way. To message only certain groups, type in the group name in the ‘to’ field.

  • Files

To view files, go to the files ‘tab’ and click on ‘Shared Folders’ to access.  

CAPH CIC Strategy, Finance & Legal - contains all budget updates and business plans.  Board and AGM minutes are also available.

Brucie’s Bulletin – the latest edition and all previous editions available at – Files/Shared Folders/Brucie’s Bulletin.

Events and training – Files/Shared Folders/Events and training – presentations and useful documents from CAPH events are stored here.  Please see the public website for full details of upcoming events - www.caph.org.uk/web/caph_conferences_and_events/197766

Partners - Files/Shared Folders/Partners - here you can download details of specific pricing for CAPH members.  Further information is available in the CAPH Directory.

CAPH Model Policies - Files/Shared Folders/CAPH Model Policies.  A matrix showing which policies are available is on the public website - www.caph.org.uk/web/caph_model_policies/282565.

5) Staff Chat

This feature allows you to start discussions with colleagues, click into this tab and click on the ‘new topic’ button.  All users of the site will be able to see comments posted here.

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