Wild Tribe Outdoor Learning

 wildtribe outdoor learning training

Wild Tribe Outdoor Learning Conference 

This event being held at STERTS, Upton Cross on Tuesday 12th March 9.30am to 3.30pm see below for the programme and booking details.  This conference will provided a variety of workshops, with practical ideas, on how to teach a range of curriculum subjects in the outdoors, support with the setting up of an outdoor learning classroom, how to introduce leadership in the outdoors and the use of emotional coaching through the Wild Tribe explorers programme and lots of ideas on developing an outstanding whole school approach to outdoor learning

Outdoor First Aid Course

Running on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st March 9am to 5pm at Callington Community College.  This course is suitable for all types of outdoor practitioner.  Theoretical training and practical scenarios based in remote locations, potentially several hours from help.  You will be very active on this course, so come prepared to get involved. 

Teachers' Trampoline Courses - See below flyer for more information

  •   Refresher - Tuesday 2nd July 2019 9am to 3pm 
  •   Part One (two day course) - Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th July 2019 9am to 3pm 

Wild Tribe Outdoor Learning Practitioner Award - there are several Wild Tribe accredited courses running in 2018/19, follow the link below for booking details.

Wild tribe has recently been recognised at Holsworthy Primary school by Ofsted

'Teachers in the outdoor learning programme plan learning carefully so that it is matched to pupils’ different interests and needs. Teachers manage risks well so that pupils can take part in a range of exciting activities that develop their self-confidence and self-esteem. Examples of this are campfire building, using tools and developing outdoor crafts. Teaching and learning in the ‘Wild Tribe’ area make a strong contribution to developing pupil’s SMSC understanding' (Ofsted July 2018)

Wild Tribe training and inset options

Maths/Literacy Trail in a Day

Are you completing the daily mile challenge?  Could you improve this trail to impact on whole school targets?  We can work with a group of children to develop a maths trail in a day. From fraction walls and stepping stones to geometric seating. As a result of the day we will leave a legacy trail which can be used to increase the number of children active for 30 minutes and developing their literacy/maths.

Wild Tribe Resource Bank

We can produce a range of resources for your school from mud kitchens to music walls, multiplication trees and other smaller resources to help develop your outdoor learning.  Full details of this will be available from September.

Outdoor Interventions for Maths and Literacy

How can you engage children in Maths and Literacy? Get them outdoors.  If children are not engaging in these subjects in the classroom they may engage outdoors! This programme is aimed at working with children who require support in maths and literacy intervention.  We can work with up to 3 groups in an afternoon and deliver a fun engaging and active maths and literacy programme  which will not only develop the children’s skills in maths and literacy but could also be used as an opportunity to upskill TAs who are leading intervention groups.  A fun and interactive way of delivering an active maths and literacy programme with whole school impact.

Wild Tribe Explorers

Many children who do not achieve in the classroom will achieve through outdoor learning.  This programme is targeted at children who require support in managing their behaviour, developing coping strategies and increasing their emotional resilience in learning.  The programme will be tailored to meet the needs of individual children or groups of children and can be delivered in a variety of different packages.  This programme could be used as a case study to gain Healthy Schools accreditation/status.

Wild Tribe Rangers

Do you have children in your school who enjoy learning in the outdoors and would like to develop their outdoor skills through leadership? We have developed a programme which promotes leadership skills and encourages children to take a lead role in organising activities for younger children/peers through outdoor learning.  On completion of the course they will achieve wild tribe ranger status and will be awarded a certificate and badge.

Wild Tribe Growing Zone
How many children in your school can identify a range of wild flowers, plants, trees and have an understanding of natural habitats (a requirement of science at KS1)?  Can they name the parts of a flowering plant and understand the functions of a plant (a requirement of science in KS2)?  We have developed an exciting programme which will inspire children at KS1 and KS2 to develop their knowledge of plants, how to grow their own food and the different ways plants can be utilised in a fun and interactive way.

Wild Tribe Practitioner Award Whole School Training

Are you keen to embed outdoor learning whole school?  Do you have a number of staff who would like to train in outdoor learning but have limited time?  The ‘Wild Tribe Practitioners Award’, is a 2 day training course which we can deliver for your school or for a number of schools in your Trust/Academy.  We will provide all the equipment and resources that are required.  We will also provide an assessment package for teachers who wish to be gain an accreditation for this training.

Outdoor Learning Package/Wild Tribe

Based on the principles of forest schools, the Wild Tribe outdoor learning package will provide your school with a 6 week or 12 week block or an academic year of outdoor learning in your school. Each session will be based on 2 hours of training and can be targeted at any age group from foundation to Year 6. We can deliver one or two sessions during this time. Using places other than the classroom for teaching and learning provides a rich multi-faceted resource in which children can manage challenge and risks themselves. We can also link the learning to a range of subject areas.

Wild Tribe Days - English, Maths and other curriculum areas

A day in the outdoors delivered through maths, literacy or a topic of your choice.  Do you have reluctant writers?  Children who are turned off maths?  This experience will engage all children and provide you with the opportunity to experience new ideas and observe your children taking part in interactive activities at the same time as learning key skills.  We will provide you with follow up activities from the day and inspire your teachers and children to get outdoors and active in key curriculum areas. 

Beach or Moor Tribe Activity Day

Building on the success of Wild Tribe we will deliver an outdoor learning experience at the beach or on the moorland. We will plan activities linked to literacy, numeracy or your current topic area. Your children will be given the opportunity to take part in fun and interactive tasks in a fantastic outdoor classroom.  This can include a variety of sports too.  

Wild Tribe Experienced Ranger Days

Do you have an area of your school grounds which is in need of developing? Would you like your children to be involved in the reshaping of the area for outdoor learning but don’t know where to start – call in one of our wild tribe rangers they will work with your children in developing the area so it can be used for a range of outdoor learning opportunities. 

Wild Tribe Whole School inset training day in Outdoor Learning

Do you want to embed outdoor learning across the whole school? We can provide a bespoke whole staff training day in outdoor learning. This could be based on skill development, ideas on linking schemes of work to the outdoors or how to set up an outdoor classroom. 

For pricing download the flyers below. For further details contact Julie Ponting, Arena Sports Partnership, Callington Community College, Launceston Road, Callington, Cornwall PL17 7DR. 07776217411. jponting@callingtoncc.net www.arena-schools.co.uk

T. 01726 212892 E. info@caph.org.uk