YE Fiver Challenge

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Fiver Challenge offers a highly interactive, fun way of bringing learning to life to primary school age pupils introducing enterprise and helping to create a generation of financially capable young people.

The 4 week Fiver Challenge takes place for 4 weeks from Monday 03 June – 28 June. It is aimed at all pupils from 5 - 11 years.

Why get involved?

Fantastic opportunity for children to learn about businesses. It incorporates maths, literacy and has a huge impact on team building & confidence.’ Teacher - South West

  • Links classroom learning to the outside world and inspiring children to actively learn, develop and grow
  • It’s a great opportunity for all abilities to explore key skills including teamwork, managing money and problem-solving skills
  • Engages and develops positive attitudes from an early age – pupils decide how to spend or donate their profit
  • Build the Challenge into your planning - access FREE online teaching and pupil resources to help you run the challenge successfully
  • You can choose to take part in weekly and national competition this can also extend pupils’ learning experience too.

If you have any questions, take a look at Fiver website www.fiverchallenge.org.uk/fiver-faqs/ for further information or send us a quick email to info@fiverchallenge.org.uk and we’ll be happy to help!

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