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EduSuite - School Support Solutions

 EduSuite was created by Faye Heming, who has regularly delivered courses for CAPH and worked with schools in Cornwall. She has extensive experience in the field of education, and this informs the content within EduSuite. 

EduSuite is a practical and straightforward approach to professional development that ensures all educators in primary schools can engage in effective training at a time to suit them. EduSuite is a time saver for school leaders, keeping them up to date on the educational landscape and by providing ready access to high quality staff training through on demand training videos and live, online events. 


Offer for CAPH schools

Jodie Flynn at Heamoor Community Primary School has found Edusuite invaluable:

“I am relatively new to Edusuite but was introduced to it after attending some excellent training with Faye.

The platform is really easy to use and easy to navigate and has a wealth of training and resources that we use as part of our in-house CPD to support the school development priorities.

I really can’t fault it, the sessions are timed so that they fit well into staff meeting sessions and address current issues with up to date research. They are well presented and the feedback from staff has been very positive.

I have also started to take advantage of the (virtual) ‘SLT & a cuppa’ sessions which are completely supportive and a brilliant opportunity for professional discussion which provides support with current educational issues and it is an amazing networking opportunity; I have already made links that are supporting us with the development of our Attendance procedures.  I would (and do) highly recommend Edusuite to any educational colleagues.”

EduSuite consists of 7 core products, which creates the full package to upskill and develop you and your staff efficiently.  

 Training modules: Our on-demand training modules are easily incorporated into staff meetings, comprehensively upskilling the whole teaching team, resulting in a consistent, effective approach to teaching and learning.

 Events: We deliver a range of live online events which enhance our training modules or relate to the current educational landscape.

 Staff meeting starters: These are designed to prompt short discussions at the start of a staff meeting. Staff meeting starters help to keep your staff up to date on current educational thinking and build a shared understanding of good practice.

 Educational update: Regular updates of key educational news, research and blogs ensures school leaders and teaching staff are kept up to date on best practice.

 Resource bank: Containing fully adaptable resources, to support senior, middle, and subject leaders in their respective roles.

 Professional development portfolio: Staff can easily create a comprehensive portfolio of all the professional development activities they have undertaken, within and beyond EduSuite. Target setting within the PDP ensures professional development is high impact.

 Schoolaspect: This online school improvement and monitoring tool is included in your EduSuite subscription.

Contact details

Email: enquiries@schoolsupport.solutions or faye@schoolsupport.solutions

Tel: 07940 577007 or 01451 828591

Website: www.edusuite.co.uk

First Half    -    Spring Term 2024:     Staff Meeting Starters
To help you plan for your staff meetings this term, Faye Heming at EduSuite has shared the overview of the Staff Meeting Starters available for you to access.
1. Reducing Cognitive Load
2. Being an Emotionally Intelligent Teacher
3. Developing Scientific Vocabulary
4. Developing a Reading Culture
5. The Hidden Curriculum.
Further details of each topic are shown in the PDF below.
The full content for each week will be available via the EduSuite Website