eSchools has a limited time offer exclusively for CAPH member Schools! 

We know how important your School website is to you. With this in mind we have put together some new design styles to reinvigorate and make your website stand out! With eSchools, you can have a new design, but use the same, familiar website editor, so there’s no need for additional training (however if you need more, let us know – it’s free)! Crucially, you do not need to transfer any of your website content! 

The cost of a website refresh is usually £395, but CAPH members can take the opportunity to refresh their website with a new design for £295 + VAT! (NB if you have a Trust-wide standard format, this offer may not be applicable).

We also have a special offer for CAPH schools who may not have an eSchools website! New customers can have a brand new site for just £895 +VAT (R.R.P £995). To see how easy the eSchools website editor is, take a look at our videos here or take part in an online webinar by adding your details here.

Please note that your new design will be applied as quickly as possible, but timescales may be dependent on the volume of enquiries we receive. Ensure that you don’t miss this opportunity by registering your interest with our website team, please call 0845 557 7056 or email support@eschools.co.uk before May 30th 2021. 
School websites
eSchools can highlight and promote your school and activities by creating a unique and attractive website. Your input is included in the specific design via our consultation process. Our websites are easy to manage giving you the freedom to add your own downloads, pictures and other content. Through the website, you can share dates, news stories and important information with existing and prospective parents.
With the design in place, you can use a wealth of features to display the right content for your visitors. You are able to allocate as many website editors as you wish, and these users will receive full training on all features available. These easy to use elements make it simple to manage your school website and control its look and feel.
The eSchools team will support you throughout the set-up process and beyond, to ensure you are getting the very best from your website. Through your input, we will strive to create a unique and striking design to best showcase the activities of your school. Our easy to use tools and training will give you confidence to manage and add content.
Communication and administration tools
eSchools provides schools with the ability to revolutionise the way in which they communicate and engage with parents. The integrated features which are all synced with your school data, are easy to use and can save you huge amounts of time and money on a day-to-day basis.
Parents can monitor their child’s progress and keep up to date with important school messages using eSchools. Allow specific access to contacts through a dedicated and unique login, so they can view individual pupil information, receive school information and book appointments securely.
Take advantage of the great tools inside eSchools to help you organise your day and that of others. Share calendar entries, files, communicate with others, roll-out automated attendance registers and much more!
Teaching and Learning
Enhance engagement between teachers and students using the safe and secure learning environment that eSchools provides. Ensure continued communication via a range of administrative tools available for everyone to use. Parents can monitor their child’s development and stay in touch with important news as they use the platform.
Extend the classroom online, as teachers can create projects and homework for students, as well as creating discussions and bespoke pages for classes and groups.
Students have access to the resources they need at school and at home with file sharing, homework and blogging as well as access to projects and assignments.