Diary Date: CAPH Spring Conference - Wednesday 13th March 2024 with Dr Pooky Knightsmith and Jo Bradley

CAPH Spring Conference - 13th March 2024

CAPH Spring Conference for School Leaders 
Lead Well: Stay Well . . . . Practical Insights: Lasting Impact
A Whole School Approach to Mental Health
Wednesday 13th March 2024 - Atlantic Hotel - Newquay


We are delighted to bring you Dr Pooky Knightsmith.


An internationally respected face of child and adolescent mental health, Pooky works tirelessly to ‘be the change she wants to see’. A prolific keynote speaker, lecturer, trainer and author, she develops and shares practical, evidence-informed approaches to promoting mental health – arming health, social care and education staff with the skills, understanding and knowledge they need to support the children in their care. 

 Pooky has a PhD in child mental health from the Institute of Psychiatry, is the author of many books, is the research and development director at Creative Education and is a former chair of the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition. She lives in Sussex with her two daughters, husband, mother-in-law and three dogs.  She’s a keen climber an amateur knitter and a tenor in her local choir. She lives with PTSD and autism.


  • Guiding principles and new ways of thinking to inspire top-down change
  • Next day practical, high impact ideas that enable bottom up change.
  • An evidence inspired talk bought to life with personal experience.
  • A talk that gets people talking
  • Recommended resources for continued learning.


Behaviour that Challenges:

Take a fresh perspective on behaviour that concerns, distresses or challenges by stepping into the shoes of the child with Pooky. Learn how to respond calmly during crisis moments before getting curious about the “why” behind behaviour.

Explore a wide range of “What next” strategies for sustainably supporting Children and how to turn the moments when it all goes wrong into opportunities for role modelling and relationship building.


Anxiety: Helping Students to Help Themselves

You will deepen your understanding of anxiety and learn how to spot it, how to break rather than reinforce the cycle and how we can support students to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to support themselves.

Take away a wide range of next-day practical strategies and a framework for cascading understanding and practice across whole staff teams.


These strategies can also be used to engage parents, families and services and provide you with the confidence in conversations around young people’s mental health

Our afternoon will be lead by Jo Bradley


Jo Bradley, prioritises and promotes mental and emotional well-being in schools and homes with regular wellbeing and self-regulation practices that empower leaders, teachers, children and parents to live, learn and work with more awareness, ease and happiness. Once an assistant headteacher and teacher herself, she now offers short courses, workshops, memberships and school trainings. She absolutely loves what she does.


Resilience in the classroom starts in the staffroom: Practical strategies for boosting staff morale and improving wellbeing.



  • Practical ways for leaders to cultivate mentally healthy schools and enable staff wellbeing
  • Leadership, resilience, valued staff and self-regulation.
  • Focus areas include stress, culture, support, anxiety, burnout, depression, loneliness/isolation, poor MH (Issues cited from the latest teacher wellbeing index 2023)
  • Working together to create self-awareness amidst the ‘doing’ so leaders can be present, authentic, connected and purposeful with their decision making and leadership.
  • Using and growing the space between automatic/habitual emotionally-fuelled reactions and healthy, safe and appropriate chosen responses – even in busy settings where there is no time or space.

Delivering a ‘punctuated’ session balanced with information, reflection and practice.