Diary Date: CAPH Spring Conference - Wednesday 13th March 2024 with Dr Pooky Knightsmith and Jo Bradley

Mission & Vision

Our Aims

Our transformational aims inform all the work we do.

Sustainability - To increase sustainability for CAPH and provide greater VFM for our members

Belonging - To provide a sense of belonging to our member schools.

Support - To put mechanisms in place to support and nurture every school leader in Cornwall.

Achieving these aims will ensure that CAPH can positively influence the education, health, and care of children in Cornwall.

About CAPH

CAPH is a Co-operative Community Interest Company dedicated to supporting and improving education in Cornwall. Through support for school leaders and member schools, we can be a vehicle for innovation in schools and raise the achievements and aspirations of pupils and staff.

CAPH membership is open to all schools in Cornwall, whatever their status - academy, maintained, trust... and to primary and secondary schools. School leaders are members of CAPH through a Membership Agreement and are members of networks which have representation on the Board of Directors. The CAPH Board is a group of school leaders who represent the various clusters of schools. An important function of this Board is to articulate leaders' views, at Local Authority level, and in the wider educational world including with MPs, RSCs and National Headteachers' forums. Board meetings are held every term for the members to discuss issues from their areas and to hear information from invited guests which may be of interest to all schools so that this information can be shared.

The CAPH team is made up of a Strategic Lead, an Office Manager, a Business Development Manager and a Finance Coordinator.