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Webinar series

The following webinars are available to support Cornish primary schools:

Webinar 1:

Supporting Reception and KS1 back to school with Jigsaw PSHE

With FREE ‘Recovery Package’

Date: Wednesday 17th June

Time: 4-5pm

Webinar 2:

Supporting KS2 back to school with Jigsaw PSHE (including Year 6 transition to Secondary school)

With FREE ‘Recovery Package’

Date: Thursday 9th July

Time: 4-5pm

Webinar 3:

Making the most of Jigsaw – an Introduction/refresher to Jigsaw PSHE (second edition) for all Cornwall Primary schools using Jigsaw

Date: Tuesday 30th June

Time: 4-5pm

Full details and booking in the flyer.

Jigsaw ‘Recovery’ Package

The Jigsaw ‘Recovery’ Package is our contribution to supporting schools through the crisis, and is FREE to download for all CAPH primary schools.

Whilst the lesson plans follow the Jigsaw structure, we hope they will also be supportive for all schools as together we find our way through the return to school.

About ‘Recovery’

Jigsaw 3-11 ‘Recovery ’ takes account of government guidance alongside Jigsaw’s concern for emotional and mental health.

This package is FREE to schools (all schools not just those using Jigsaw Programmes) and is Jigsaw’s contribution to supporting teachers and children at this difficult time.

The Primary Recovery Package comprises:


  • KS1 assembly pdf +ppt
  • KS 1 map showing how Jigsaw lessons support the Recovery themes pdf
  • X7 lessons each with ppt on the themes 


  • KS2 assembly pdf +ppt
  • KS 2 map showing how Jigsaw lessons support the Recovery themes pdf
  • X7 lessons each with ppt same themes as KS 1 set
  • X2 extra lessons for Year 6 on transition to secondary school

The lesson themes are:

  1. Welcome back and new temporary Jigsaw Charter
  2. The Coronavirus explained
  3. Belonging and feeling safe at school
  4. Re-connecting with friends at school
  5. Being positive and looking forward to learning
  6. Managing worries and fears
  7. Gratitude and appreciation

About Jigsaw PSHE

Jigsaw, the mindful approach to PSHE, is a comprehensive teaching programme keeping children at its heart and providing everything teachers need to deliver high quality PSHE, including meeting all the requirements for statutory Relationships and Health Education, and Sex Education.

The 6 Puzzles (units), sequenced form the beginning to the end of the school year, each comprise a Puzzle Launch assembly for the whole school, 6 lesson plans with all the resources needed, original Jigsaw songs, an assessment and reward system…

Every year group studies the same learning theme at the same time but at its own level. The Jigsaw Friends support children as talking objects and distancing tools.

The strong focus on emotional literacy and mental health is underpinned by mindfulness, each lesson including a Calm Me time, aided by the Jigsaw Chime and Jigsaw Jerrie Cat.

More than 4300 schools across the UK and internationally are now using Jigsaw as their preferred PSHE Programme, reaching over 2 million children. This allows us to offer schools exciting global learning opportunities.

Ongoing support and free updates are integral to Jigsaw’s philosophy.

T. 01726 212892 E. info@caph.org.uk