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Mindfit Cornwall - School Wellness

Self-regulation and awareness:
Mindfit Cornwall's Helen Gaskin will guide you through a range of strategies and techniques to calm your nervous system, self-regulate and bring awareness to your whole wellbeing to use in your personal, school life and your classrooms. You will learn how to use your breath well to support your nervous system, relieve anxiety and stress. The session will guide you through the importance of good emotional health that provides you with the ability to calm down and understand your feelings, thoughts and behaviours. Learning how to regulate and breathe well provides this wonderful tool to calm your nervous system. You will learn how to bring your mind and body into a parasympathetic state, connecting the mind and the body in this rest and digest state brings improved wellness; when you breathe well and calm down  the vagus nerve is activated and you feel more relaxed. 
Helen will guide you to manage stress and  by bringing a variety of techniques into your daily routine that will improve your whole wellbeing along with identifying your triggers to  create a bank of regulation tools to support you and your class.
The tools and strategies Helen will teach you could be used in staff training, with all the children and incorporated into the wellness policy.
Mindfit Cornwall is a wellness business that at present offers wellness day retreats and workshops for a range of businesses where they learn to calm their nervous system, to breathe well and relax to support their wellness.  We are going to trial this in a few schools and will be offering five schools the chance to start this in January and be a trial school.
There are two packages schools can choose from :
1. Wellness - includes 2 one hour staff wellness sessions per year. (2 out of 3 terms) or a 2 hour session  (part of an inset day) Schools choose their preferred option.
 and  two visits a year (each of two hours) to work with groups of children/staff
Cost is £750 - £1500 depending on school size  (If you would like to be a trial school £600)
2. Wellness Plus - includes 3 one hour staff wellness sessions per year (one each term) or a one three hour session as part of Inset training.
and  three visits (each of two hours) to work with groups of children/staff.
Cost is £1050 to £2000 depending on school size (trial school £850)
If you would like to be one of our trial schools or find out more please contact Helen Gaskin at mindfitcornwall@gmail.com