Conference presentations from Dr Pooky and Jo Bradley are below

Working Together to Safeguard Children 2023 - updated CAPH model policy and briefing note from Cornwall Council

Last week, we sent out links to the new Working Together 2023 document, guidance, some summaries of changes and links to a training event. Following consultation with Helen Trelease, Safeguarding Training and Advisor, the policy has been updated and is available to members to in the members documents area. Please contact Michelle if you are having trouble accessing this area.

The change was minor, is highlighted in yellow, and reflects the change in name and date of the new document only. Most changes to Working Together 2023 are around multi-agency approach working and governance and DSL's and DDSL's should familiarise themselves with the new guidance.

This week, Cornwall Council and Together for Families have published a briefing note for Lead Practitioners working with Children in Need. The change in statutory guidance enables a broader range of practitioners to act as lead practitioners for Children in Need. Please read the updates.