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A HeadStart Live Event: Vicarious Trauma and Lived Experience

A HeadStart Live Event: Vicarious Trauma and Lived Experience

Date:     April 29th

Time:     4.30 – 7.00pm on Zoom with a scheduled break

Cost:      Free to attend

We are working with more and more complexity and with children and young people who are living with and around trauma. For those children and young people, the impact of trauma upon them is that they are more likely to face additional social and emotional challenges. A rise in the numbers of children in care in recent years, the aftermath of the pandemic and an increase in poor mental health intensifies the complexity. The extra needs this presents can be incredibly stressful which can become overwhelming. Vicarious trauma is a real concern for those working with children and young people and limiting emotional distress is paramount to ensure that settings provide the best support and care.

In this session, you will:


  • learn more about the different types of responses to exposure to those have experienced trauma
  • deepen your understanding about the stress response system
  • risk factors and protective factors
  • collective care and self-care strategies

Drawing on her research, in this second part of this session, Lisa will invite attendees to consider a variety of lived experiences that may be shared with those we are working with and how this is an emotional labour that can require extra care.

In this session, you will:


  • consider lived experiences
  • learn more about supporting colleagues
  • develop a deeper understanding of marginalisation and stigmatisation

About Dr Lisa Cherry

Dr Lisa Cherry is the Director of Trauma Informed Consultancy Services Ltd leading a dynamic and creative organisation that provides a 'one stop' approach to delivering on research, consultancy and learning and development. Lisa is an author, researcher, leading international trainer and consultant, specialising in assisting schools, services and systems to create systemic change to the way that we work with those experiencing and living with, the legacy of trauma. Lisa has been working in and around Education and Children’s Services for over 30 years and combines academic knowledge and research with professional expertise and personal experience. Lisa has worked extensively with Social workers, Educators, Probation Workers and those in Adult Services, training and speaking to over 30,000 people around the world including in the US, Australia and Pakistan and across the whole of the UK.

Lisa has produced multiple pieces of research for various settings and Lisa's own MA research looked at the impact on education and employment for care experienced adults who experienced school exclusion as children in the 1970's and 1980's. In February 2024 Lisa completed her DPhil research at The University of Oxford in the Department of Education. The research asked "How do care experienced adults who were also excluded from school make sense of belonging?"

Lisa is the author of the hugely successful and award-winning book 'Conversations that make a difference for Children and Young People' (2021) and ‘The Brightness of Stars’ 3rd Edition published in June 2022. A new book contract has been signed for publication in 2024/2025 on cultivating belonging.



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