Diary Date: CAPH Spring Conference - Wednesday 13th March 2024 with Dr Pooky Knightsmith and Jo Bradley

Edusuite: Two new staff meeting starters, available for free

EduSuite: Two new staff meeting starters, available for free

We hope you all managed to have restful half term break and have had a good start to the new half term.

This week we have, due to half term break spanning different weeks, two new staff meeting starters from CAPH preferred partner, EduSuite. Staff meeting starters prompt short discussions to keep everyone up to date on current educational thinking.

The new staff meeting starter for this week is: High-quality PE provision. Ofsted’s PE subject report found that most schools do not provide ‘clearly defined and broad’ PE lessons, with many not meeting the scope and ambition of the national curriculum. This staff meeting starter encourages discussion about the school’s PE curriculum to ensure pupils are becoming proficient in the subject.

Last week we added: Managing radicalisation and extremism safeguarding concerns. Whilst there has been no new requirements or additional responsibilities, the Prevent duty guidance has been refreshed and updated. The changes provide greater clarity, practical advice and signposting to best practice. This staff meeting starter encourages staff to consider how well they provide a safe space to discuss terrorism and extremist ideas.

You can access, for free,  all of the staff meeting starters. To find out more click here, or to sign up to receive the staff meeting starters, click here.

Remember, we also have free places available for our next event: Making sense of the primary IDSR on Tuesday 7th November, 3:45pm-4:45pm. During this event, we will explain how to interpret the Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR), published by Ofsted. The session will cover: what the data means in a primary IDSR; why the contextual information is useful; how to interpret the data and how Ofsted inspectors use the IDSR. Click here to book. Use the code CAPH-23 to ensure a free place.