Diary Date: CAPH Spring Conference - Wednesday 13th March 2024 with Dr Pooky Knightsmith and Jo Bradley

EduSuite: new staff meeting starters

We hope that as member schools you are enjoying accessing, for free, the staff meeting starters from CAPH preferred partner, EduSuite. Staff meeting starters prompt short discussions to keep everyone up to date on current educational thinking. The discussions will build a shared understanding of good practice and an awareness of school policies and procedures.

The new staff meeting starter for this week is:

Maths anxiety in pupils. Research shows that maths anxiety has a negative impact on pupils’ learning. Early signs can start as early as KS1. This staff meeting starter asks staff to think about the recommendations from the Education Endowment Foundation to help alleviate maths anxiety as a barrier to learning.

You can access all of the staff meeting starters. These include:

  • Is geography fieldwork underdeveloped? Ofsted’s geography subject report has revealed that fieldwork is underdeveloped in may schools, so this starter encourages discussion about the frequency, quality and impact of fieldwork in your school.
  • Supporting pupils who are looked after or previously looked after. Adopted and looked-after children are one of the most vulnerable groups. Fewer achieve age-related expectations compared with their peers. We encourage staff to consider how high the school’s culture of aspiration is for pupils in the care system during this staff meeting starter.
  • Boosting staff wellbeing. Wonder why you remember the one small negative thing from feedback, conversations or interactions and forget the many positives? It is likely ‘negativity bias.’ For this starter we focus on how we can ‘rewire’ our brain to notice the positives to boost staff wellbeing.

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