Diary Date: CAPH Spring Conference - Wednesday 13th March 2024 with Dr Pooky Knightsmith and Jo Bradley

Free access to staff meeting starters and an online event about managing attendance effectively

Our member schools can now access staff meeting starters from CAPH preferred partner, EduSuite. Staff meeting starters have been designed to prompt short discussions at the start of a staff meeting. They will help to keep your staff up to date on current educational thinking and build a shared understanding of good practice. You can download each one in PDF or PowerPoint format.

The latest staff meeting starters focus on the risks of absenteeism, pupil engagement and active learning, adaptive teaching, and what good behaviour looks like. New staff meeting starters are released each week. To find out more click here, or to sign up to receive the staff meeting starters, click here.

Member schools are also invited to join an online event, Managing Attendance Effectively, hosted by Faye Heming, the creator of EduSuite. During this event, Faye will: discuss the legacy from COVID-19 regarding absence; look at common barriers to attendance and how to overcome them; share ways to use your attendance data effectively; share top tips to combat pupil absence. This event takes place on Monday 2nd October from 10:00 -11:00 amClick here to book a place for free. Use the code CAPH-23 to ensure you are allocated a free place.