Elklan Speech & Language training

We have a wide range of courses available via online learning and there is also an option to study a course with or without accreditation.

These include Speech and Language Support for 3-5s, Speech and Language Support for 5-11s, as well as Specialist Courses such as Supporting Verbal Pupils with ASD, and Supporting Children with Unclear Speech, amongst others. The online learning options for staff are described below and either involve attending a full course with accreditation or studying the e-learning sessions with the accreditation. If staff wish to complete the e-learning sessions without accreditation, they can always top-up to gain the accreditation at a later date. 

Option 1-  Accredited e-learning course with weekly webinars with an Elklan tutor

The accredited course consists of studying e-learning sessions and attending a live weekly webinar with an Elklan tutor. Staff are given practical tasks to complete with a student or students each week which they write up in an e-log that is marked by the tutor. Accreditation is achieved through the completion of the e-log. Staff receive a digital coursebook which they can use for the course, which also contains activities that they can use with students in their setting The cost of the accredited courses are:  £350.00 + VAT per person.

Option 2- E-learning sessions without accreditation

The non-accredited route gives staff access to the e-learning sessions for the respective course. There are no live tutor webinars and staff are not required to complete tasks with the students to achieve accreditation. The staff receive a digital coursebook as above and will get a certificate when all e-learning sessions have been completed. Staff have 12 weeks access to most e-learning sessions.  This option costs £ 250.00 + VAT.  The Verbal Pupils with ASD course is shorter and therefore slightly cheaper at £ 150.00 + VAT per person. 

Elklan can commission courses to run for specific schools or groups of schools if this is of interest. To do so we would require a minimum of 6 participants and no more than 12 participants per course. For more information, they can email me at clare@elklan.co.uk.

The Communication Friendly Setting ( CFSe)- Early Years and Primary Award

One of Elklan's most popular training options this year has been the Communication Friendly Setting ( CFSe) Award. The CFSe Award is the most cost-efficient way to train all staff in a school in communication and language development. In fact, we have one school in Cornwall just about to complete the Award which is very exciting! I hope to be able to share information about this achievement with other schools in the county soon. I run monthly webinars about the CFSe Award in term time and dates for the autumn term will soon be advertised on our website. During the webinar, settings will find out more about this award and have the opportunity to ask questions specific to the needs of their students and staff. If settings would like to find out more about this they are welcome to contact me directly.