Magic Maths

Creative and Interactive Magic Maths Day for KS1, KS2 and KS3 students.

Magic Maths is all about inspiring your students in Maths, to show what a diverse and exciting subject Maths is and what you can achieve when you add creativity and WOW factor.

Magic Maths via Zoom

I am currently offering online 1 hour Magic Maths Zoom sessions for KS2 pupils at £25 each. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication...I even have a new routine that is explained with Algebra for YR 6 and 7 students who like a challenge.

I am happy to keep these Zoom sessions going right up until September when (hopefully) schools will be returning to normal and Magic Maths can go back to a full school day experience.

If Maths Leads and Head Teachers would like more information then I am happy to organise a Zoom face to face meeting or phone call.

01326 341069

School Recommendations

What a brilliant day Jon delivered with his 'Magic Maths'. The children (and adults!) were captivated during the launch assembly, firstly with the magic and then with the maths behind it. The subsequent workshops continued in the same fashion where a real excitement for mathematics was generated as the children learnt the 'tricks' and some very relevant mathematics. We can't wait for the next one!

David Hick - Deputy Headteacher, Threemilestone School. CODE Maths Hub Lead.

Jon launched our school Magic Day with an assembly show where he showcased some amazing maths tricks. He then spent the day working with pupils to demonstrate how the tricks work. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and couldn't wait to share the Maths Magic with their families.

Caroline Sales - Deputy Headteacher, Carbeile Junior School.



01326 341069 / 07443577497

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