National Hub for Supervision in Education

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The National Centre for Supervision in Education focusses on providing support/training for teachers and educators who’s role involves supporting children and young people with issues affecting their well-being/mental health such stress or anxiety. The Hub aims to improve children and young peoples educational experience by helping schools and educational providers embed an improved culture of support and resilience within their staff community.

The Hub offers a range of professional learning programmes to help senior leaders to establish and develop a culture of supervision for teaching and pastoral staff. A network of professionally accredited associate supervisors will also be able to offer support to education professionals via face to face meetings, Skype or through peer groups.

The initiative is led by the Carnegie School of Education in development with Talking Heads and aims to address the increasing demands being placed on all staff members within educational settings. This comes at a time when other services that have traditionally supported schools are being reduced. Supervision holds the child/young person at the centre of the supervision working alliance but meets the support needs of the educator too, through a boundaried, confidential, regular supervision space for reflection, enquiry and challenge.

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